What I Did On My Holidays

Chapter 22


Day 17

We'd thought we'd try going to Berkeley again, so we walked down to the BART station and didn't get rather wet. Unlike last Friday, today was sunny. A perfect day for wandering around a well spread out university campus.

The city of Berkeley seems to be a large restaurant strip set up to support the campus full of starving students. It's no surprise that the students are hungry, the Berkeley campus is huge so they must work up a healthy appetite just getting between classes. There are large open spaces with paths winding through little groves of trees and expanses of lawn. This is probably what Monash University could have been like if it weren't full of buildings no higher than two storeys, massive car parks and multi-lane ring roads. Here, the buildings are taller and clearly designed with the concept of large impressive building in mind rather than the Monash approach of ugly square brick boxes. This place has style.

After wandering around saying "ooh" and "aah", we sat in the sun admiring the scenery. The clock struck twelve. It was in a clock tower on a building across the lawn from us and had the chime thing happening. A full twelve chimes and there I was expecting the Big Ben style "Ding, dong, dong, ding... ding, dong, dong, ding" But no. The clock started ringing heaps of bells (complete with not quite right overtones) and just kept on going with this bell music. After ten minutes of this I was hoping it didn't do this every hour. I was also wondering if it would take the full hour to finish.


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